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A marked slowdown in the first half of the year was confirmed in recent weeks, falling short of expectations and moderating from last year’s snappy outturn as weak household spending held back economic gains. Higher inflation amid rising fuel costs, as well as new indirect taxes, ate into consumers’ purchasing power in the second quarter, contributing to this year’s waning consumer sentiment and offsetting the benefits accrued from steady job creation. Moreover, the pullback was worsened by the unraveling of global trade, which hit exports in the quarter and weighed on industrial output and broader business sentiment. Third-quarter prospects, however, look rosier. Although consumer-spending proxies suggest muted growth in recent months, chipper manufacturing metrics point to a further acceleration of business investment. Meanwhile, the next round of Emmanuel Macron’s reform push—set to tackle the pension and health care systems—took flack in recent weeks as he faced another resignation from his cabinet amid a sizeable loss of public support, calling into question his longer-term ability to cut bureaucratic bloat.

France - Exchange Rate (aop) Data

2013  2014  2015  2016  2017  
Exchange Rate (vs USD, aop)1.33  1.33  1.11  1.11  1.13  

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France Exchange Rate (aop) Chart

France Exchange Rate
Note: U.S. dollar (USD) per euro.
Source: Thomson Reuters.

France Facts

Bond Yield0.810.46 %Oct 12
Exchange Rate1.160.65 %Oct 12
Stock Market5,096-0.29 %Oct 12

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