Energy Commodities Data & Price Projections Report

FocusEconomics’ Energy Commodities report includes the latest price forecasts for 8 commodities in the energy sector, including Brent Crude Oil, WTI Crude Oil, Coking Coal, Gasoil (European market), Gasoline (U.S. benchmark), Natural Gas, Thermal Coal and Uranium. The report is updated and published monthly after surveying dozens of carefully-selected commodities experts. 

This is the most comprehensive Consensus Forecast report on energy commodities available on the market. It comprises quarterly and yearly commodity price projections, including details on each analysts’ projections and the Consensus Forecast, as well as maximum and minimum forecasts. The report also contains historical price data, tables, charts, graphs and written analysis for each individual commodity.

Why Choose FocusEconomics

FocusEconomics surveys over 30 prominent energy, metals and agricultural analysts every month for a range of commodities price forecasts.

  • Stay updated on commodities trends. Get the latest forecasts and analysis in one concise report. Each month we provide commodity price projections by quarter for 2 years out and annual forecasts for 5 years out. Compare to past performance with our annual historical price data that goes back 7 years.
  • Benefit from reliable price forecasts. Our projections are elaborated by polling leading analysts for their latest forecasts, which our in-house team utilizes to produce the Consensus Forecast. The report also includes futures market prices as well as forecasts from the IMF and the EIA.
  • Analyze scenarios. For clients involved in the purchase, sale or analysis of commodities, a Consensus Forecast provides a complete view of market sentiment. Minimum and maximum forecasts for commodity prices provide useful landmarks for scenario-based analysis.
  • Save time. Our reports include a brief written summary of developments and projections and contain easily-digestible tables and charts that enable you to access the essential information you need as quickly as possible.

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