FocusEconomics Resource Center

FocusEconomics Resource Center

Welcome to the FocusEconomics Resource Center. Below you will find a list of some of our best content. Click on the links to enjoy some of our most popular blog posts, videos, webinars and white papers that we've created over the years. This is a working list, so don't forget to keep checking back as we update this page frequently. 

How FocusEconomics Helps Industry Sectors 

Auto Industry

Chemicals Industry

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

FocusEconomics Data for Financial Sector

Industrial Goods & Services

Telecommunications Industry


Central Banks of the World

Educational/Useful Articles

Coal: The story of the world's most abundant fossil fuel

The Economic Effects of Trade Protectionism

A Look at Healthcare Models Around the World

How Student Loan Debt Affects the Economy

The Story of Steel

The Trump Administration's Infrastructure Plan

Iron Ore Facts | Commodities Explainer Series

The Wisdom of the Crowds and the Consensus Forecast

Consensus vs Individual Forecasts: The Numbers Don't Lie

Tulip Mania: When Tulips Cost As Much As Houses

The History of Gold and the Gold Standard

Top Economics and Finance Blogs 2017

Top Economics and Finance Blogs 2018

Gold | The Most Precious of Metals

The Difference Between Brent and WTI Crude Oil

The Russian Economy Explained | A Three-Part Series

What is Forward Guidance and how does it work?


The Impact of Oil Prices on MENA's Economic Outlook

What's the difference between Brent & WTI crude oil?

White Papers

Trump's 1st Year: 95 Analysts Surveyed on U.S. Economy

The Impact of Oil Prices on MENA's Economic Outlook

Innovation in Latin America: Potential Goes Untapped Due to Weak Economic Considitions

The Wisdom of the Crowds and the Consensus Forecast

Will Brexit prove to be a tempest for Vietnam's economy?

Is the Global Economy Rebalancing? Assessing shifts in the giant current account surpluses of Germany, China and Japan

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