Auto Industry

Auto Industry

The emergence of new technologies used not only during the manufacturing process but also in the designs of the product itself have presented the Auto industry with the prospect of a complete transformation, the likes of which has not been seen since the advent of the assembly line over a century ago. In addition, a movement toward cleaner energy sources has complicated matters for an industry that has traditionally relied on petroleum to power its product.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect the auto industry must contend with is rapidly changing global economic dynamics. The typically long product cycle associated with the industry coupled with deep capital investments across the globe, including emerging markets where the auto industry has invested heavily and the economies have left much to be desired of late, makes planning challenging and essential to the long-term success of firms within the industry.

To support the Auto industry, we focus on the economics, providing at-a-glance overviews of the economic outlook for a country or region, showing the overall health of an economy conveyed through consensus forecasts for key indicators presented in an easily digestible format. We shed light on not only the biggest economies but also many of the underreported smaller markets, which reduces your time spent looking for data. FocusEconomics also reports on 30 key commodities, including price outlooks for crude oil, copper, aluminum, and steel.

As global uncertainty and financial market volatility increase, risk reduction becomes paramount. FocusEconomics helps navigate that risk. With over 900 trusted sources participating in our Consensus Forecast, our reports take the risk out of economic forecasting, providing the most reliably accurate forecasts on the market and consistently beating out the single-source forecast.



Photo Credit: “Tesla Robot Dance” by Steve Jurvetson is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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