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Lebanon - Exchange Rate

The country has been gripped by social and economic convulsion in recent weeks. Mass protests broke out in mid-October over proposed new taxes, but quickly morphed into a more generalized expression of discontent at economic malaise, leading to the closure of banks and paralyzing economic activity. In response, on 21 October the government set out a battery of reforms, including halving the salaries of top officials and slashing spending on public agencies. Moreover, the cabinet swiftly approved the 2020 budget, which aims to limit the budget deficit to a mere 0.6% of GDP next year thanks in part to a USD 3.4 billion contribution from the banking sector. However, the measures are unlikely to provide a lasting solution to the country’s fiscal woes and failed to appease protestors, leading the prime minister to announce his resignation on 29 October.

Lebanon - Exchange Rate Data

2013  2014  2015  2016  2017  
Exchange Rate (vs USD)1,507  1,510  1,508  1,508  1,510  

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Lebanon Exchange Rate Chart

Lebanon Exchange Rate
Note: Lebanese pound (LBP) per U.S. dollar
Source: Thomson Reuters.

Lebanon Facts

Exchange Rate1,5090.0 %Sep 04
Stock Market7940.37 %Sep 04

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