Agricultural Commodities Price Outlook Economic Forecast

Agricultural Commodities Price Outlook

Precious metal prices rise in August

Precious metal prices rose 2.4% on a monthly basis in August, following a 5.2% decrease in July and marking the first increase in five months.

The upturn in prices in July was broad-based, with gold, palladium, platinum and silver all seeing higher average prices in August relative to July. Global uncertainty rose in early August after China began a series of military exercises around Taiwan, which likely spurred safe-haven demand for precious metals. In addition, semiconductor supply constraints appear to be easing, which could have supported global automobile production and thus demand for palladium and platinum—both are used in vehicles’ catalytic converters. That said, precious metals tended to lose ground towards the end of August, in response to a stronger U.S. dollar and an upward march in U.S. bond yields—both factors put investors off of purchasing precious metals.

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Agricultural Historical Price Data

2015  2016  2017  2018  2019  
Corn378.13  359.41  361.24  369.89  384.98  
Soybeans943.11  987.01  977.8  934.24  892.18  
Wheat508.73  438.86  439.48  496.56  494.16  
Cocoa3136.98  2893.27  2029.25  2293.11  2341.39  
Coffee132.27  137.88  131.9  113.73  98.37  
Cotton63.34  65.58  73.33  82.04  67.41  
Sugar13.43  18.08  15.99  12.56  12.7  
Wool1198.43  1293.69  1538.78  1905.59  1747.02  
Palm oil614.96  705.39  719.93  596.12  565.69  
Rice386.9  395.3  397.14  420.23  417.19  

Corn prices in USD cents per bushel (bu).
Soybeans prices in USD cents per bushel (bu).
Wheat prices in USD cents per bushel (bu).
Cocoa prices in USD per metric ton (mt).
Coffee prices in USD cents per pound (lb).
Cotton prices in USD cents per pound (lb).
Sugar prices in USD cents per pound (lb).
Wool prices in AUD cents per kilogram (kg).
All prices are average of period (aop).

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