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Tunisia - Current Account (billions of U.S. Dollars)

Economic growth dropped markedly in Q3. A wave of Covid-19 infections early in the quarter forced a reintroduction of quarantine measures for visitors, driving a sharp contraction in the hospitality industry. Moreover, July’s coup introduced considerable uncertainty, which led Fitch Ratings to downgrade the country’s credit rating and likely had a cooling effect on demand. Turning to Q4, an accelerating vaccination campaign has caused a tumble in Covid-19 cases, permitting a loosening of restrictions in September and October, which should be boosting activity. In politics, the government recently requested a USD 4 billion loan from the IMF, with local press also suggesting financial aid from Saudi Arabia and Libya, which would provide further respite. That said, strong opposition from the influential UGTT labor union is likely to make progress on a final IMF deal difficult.

Tunisia - Current Account (USD bn) Data

2015   2016   2017   2018   2019  
Current Account Balance (USD bn)-3.9  -3.6  -4.1  -4.5  -3.5  

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Tunisia Facts

Value Change Date
Bond Yield7.450.0 %Sep 15
Exchange Rate2.78-0.27 %Jan 01
Stock Market0.20.05 %Jan 07

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