Emerging Markets: What to Expect

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Emerging Markets: What to Expect

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Most emerging market (EM) economies have managed to perform decently so far this year as the main downside risks to their economic outlooks, particularly a rise in trade protectionism, have failed to materialize. Stronger-than-expected growth in China is having a ripple effect throughout EMs, while healthy global demand is propping up export growth. Despite the ongoing monetary policy normalization in the U.S., volatility in financial markets is limited, giving most EM central banks leeway to maintain largely accommodative monetary policies. Nevertheless, structural imbalances, uncertain commodity prices and geopolitical risks continue to threaten this year’s economic recovery.

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Consensus Forecast reports are monthly macroeconomic reports that include all the data and analysis in this special report plus a whole lot more. They are designed to give you fast access to the economic data and insight you need on more than 130 countries in 12 regions around the world. Our reports include macroeconomic projections from the most reputable economic research authorities in the world.

Each month, we poll analysts from investment banks, financial institutions and research organizations to obtain their views on the future. Our reports cover the most important economic indicators for a 5-year forecast period plus 10 years of historical data, and are available in both PDF and Excel. Complemented with concise analysis and numerous charts, the Consensus Forecast provides the most comprehensive assessment of the emerging market economies around the world available in the market.

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