Customer Success Manager

Seniority Level: Mid-Senior Level

Based in Barcelona, Spain, FocusEconomics is a leading provider of economic intelligence via reports, data solutions and a business intelligence platform. Our clients are senior executives in multinational companies and governmental organizations.

We are looking for an experienced full-time Customer Success Manager, who will be responsible for developing customer relationships, ensuring customer satisfaction, growing account profitability and helping the company meet its revenue objectives. The job requires you to work closely with our customers to help them unleash the full power of our products, find and implement technical solutions, and provide guidance on how to improve existing products and build new products in response to our clients’ needs.

Through surveys and interviews, you will understand what is important to our customers and will communicate this information using reports and recommendations to help us improve our products and services.


  • Onboarding of clients
  1. Develop onboarding process and material
  2. Assist important clients in onboarding through webinars, calls, etc.
  3. Segment clients into high touch, low touch and tech touch groups depending on revenue
  4. Develop procedures and timelines for high, low, and tech touch
  • Understand client needs
  1. Manage ongoing and once-per-year client surveys (NPS) and feed data into Salesforce
  2. Follow up with clients depending on their survey responses to better understand their answers
  3. Arrange calls with clients to understand their challenges
  4. Interview churned clients and gain insight into what drove them to quit our service
  5. Gain deep insight into our clients’ needs (pain points, problems, nice-to-haves, etc.)
  6. Analyze client feedback and turn it into quantitative and qualitative insights for the company
  • Product improvement
    1. Identify some clients as “beta-testers” and work closely with them on product development
    2. Set up Product Advisory Councils (PACs) for select senior-level clients to:-
      -define the vision and strategy for our products, understanding the actual business problems our clients are facing and will face in the future
      -discuss how our clients view our products' approaches to those problem
      -consider the market and technological trends that our clients see and their potential effects
  • Improve client retention
    1. Observe usage of our products and, if usage is low, reach out to customers to help improve product usage
    2. Establish timeline for reps to remain engaged in renewals and upgrades
    3. With sales team leader (STL), establish a limited list of clients that will receive follow-up from reps
  • Analysis and reports
    1. Establish metrics for user behavior on our products platform
    2. Track and analyze established metrics to understand product use and areas for improvement
    3. Analyze customer retention metrics on Salesforce and, where necessary, develop new metrics to allow a better understanding of customer churn
    4. Develop a reporting system to communicate analysis to other departments
  • Propagate CSM throughout organization
    1. Document and standardize customer success management processes
    2. Evaluate what CSM processes are best handled by other departments
    3. Teach about and integrate CSM processes into other parts of the organization (Sales, Research) and measure success


  • Degree in Business/Economics or related
  • Previous experience in a similar role
  • Solid knowledge of Salesforce or a similar tool
  • Excellent written and spoken English; other languages are a plus
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Excellent listening, note-taking and presentation skills
  • Ability to communicate with and influence all levels of the organization, including executives and C-level managers
  • Ambitious, client-focused, self-motivated and self-sufficient personality

Our Offer

  • Attractive compensation package
  • Full time position (40 hours per week)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Partly remote-working
  • International and friendly work environment
  • Central and well-connected location in sunny Barcelona (metro Girona)

Please note that this position is only available for candidates fully proficient in English and with a valid EU working permit. Current residence in Barcelona and availability for an immediate start will be considered pluses.

If you’re interested in joining our team, please email your CV and transcripts in PDF format to:

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