Liquid ethanol and corn husks

Ethanol Price Outlook

The price of ethanol has started to rise again in the past month. The spot price registered on 9 September was USD 1.57 per gallon. The price was 5.4% higher than on the same day of last month, and was up 7.5% on a year-to-date basis. Nevertheless, the price was 0.6% lower than on the same day last year. The slight upward pressure on prices was mainly caused by marginal reassessments of demand and supply of the fuel. Analysts foresee demand from Brazil increasing in 2017, while the country’s capacity use in the same year is projected to drop marginally. Additionally, investors expect some slight reductions in supply during the latter part of this summer. The U.S. Department of Agriculture also increased the demand scenario for corn, from which ethanol is produced. Lastly, the Energy Regulatory Commission of Mexico passed the first regulation on ethanol in the nation’s history, which permits the blending and sale of up to 5.8% ethanol in the country’s fuel supply, thus further supporting demand prospects.

Ethanol Price History Data (USD per metric ton)

2011  2012  2013  2014  2015  
Ethanol2.73  2.37  2.51  2.39  1.6  

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Ethanol Historical Price Chart

Ethanol historical price chart
Note: New York Harbor Ethanol, prices in USD per metric ton (mt). Prices are average of period (aop).

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